Social Media Success Live Virtual Group Training

Social Media Success Formula
Live Group Training & Mastermind

Join this 4 Month Social Media Success Live Virtual Group Training, dedicated to teaching you Cutting Edge Tools and Strategies to Maximize your Visibility on Social Media! Learn the Keys to Become Successful with your Internet Marketing. 

You will leave the training with:

*Confidence and an Understanding of how to use Facebook for Business

*A Plan to Develop a Successful Online Presence that will bring you Referrals and Clients Ongoing

*The Tools and Knowledge you need to Implement your Social Media Success Plan

 You will Learn…
  • How to Build an Online Presence for your Brand — Product or Service
  • The Key Components necessary to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign using free and paid Social Media Opportunities 
  • How to use Social Media to Create Connections that become mutually beneficial and meaningful relationships
  • The Essentials necessary to create and maintain a Full Internet Marketing Strategy to get more clients!
This program is designed for……
  • The Entrepreneur who is Ready to Step Up and Embrace the Value of the Internet
  • Someone who recognizes the Need for Social Engagement, and needs a Step by Step process to implement and have success
  • You if you have been using Social Media with less than desired results!
All participants will receive…
  • MANUAL complete with Templates – Tools & Checklists
  • Step by Step Instructions enabling You to leave equipped to deliver a consistent Message and Process for Your Digital Marketing Strategy – Campaign
  • Recordings of all classes and calls
  • 13 Hours of Live Virtual Classes
  • Instruction, Mastermind, Accountability and Questions
  • Private Facebook group
  • Workbook with templates
Value $997  

Introductory Price $697
(Payment plan available)

Class Size limited so Register Early!
Here are the details:

All Live Virtual Trainings with recordings available

Where you will have the opportunity to

     *Mastermind with a group
     *Create a Plan 
     *Have coaching, feedback and accountability AND
     *Ask questions!

Bring your laptop
Bring your questions
Get it Done
Small Group Live Virtual Training Outline 
This is a 4 month program so you have time to implement!

Part 1
  • Social Media Success Formula; How to Win
  • Finding the Whole Heart Path to your Clients Online
  • Core message
  • Keywords—What and How to use them
  • What to Post, How to Find and Create Compelling, Engaging Content
  • How to Blog, What to Blog About
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Understanding List Building and How it Fits in your Plan
  • Overall Social Media Campaign Strategy and Campaign Goals to Brand Yourself and Your Business

Part 2
  • How to use Facebook-Set Yourself up for Success
  • Most Current Best Practices on Facebook-Business and Personal Page
  • Social Media Campaign Strategy and Campaign Goals to Promote Your Business
  • How to Maximize your Time on Social Media
  • How to Build Relationships that turn into Referrals and Clients
  • When, Where and How to Implement Your Social Media Strategy for Success

Part 3
  • Basics on How to use LinkedIn
  • Social Media Campaign Strategy and Campaign Goals to Promote Your Virtual and In-Person Events
  • FB AD Basics including Boosting Posts
  • How to Create Advertising campaigns
  • What and How to Promote to Get More Clients
  • Ongoing Campaign Goals and Activities
  • How to continue to brand yourself and your business on-going
  • What to do ongoing to keep people in your marketing funnel
  • Email Marketing and Social Media
  • How to Grow Your Email List Using Social Media


“I came to Diana’s Whole Heart Marketing Get it Done Group Coaching program, as a novice, to learn how to blog for my business and to learn how to use Social Media to get more clients. As a result of learning how to blog for business my traffic to my website has more than doubled and I’m thrilled with the results!! The accountability calls that Diana made, were a great way to keep me on track with my goals and I felt more comfortable navigating forward in the social media world.” 

Jan Kucker – psychic who shows YOU the art of empowering your heart”

"I signed up for Diana Morgan’s Whole Heart Marketing “Get it Done” program. I had been procrastinating about social media, I knew I should do it yet it felt overwhelming. When Diana let me know she was starting this program, it was an easy “yes” for me. I had to do something. And it was the perfect combination of training, time to take action with Diana in the room; with phone calls for accountability and Q&A. During our first Get it Done workshop, the light bulb went on for me; yes this takes time, however, I could actually have fun if I truly integrate my brand and messaging into social media. I now have a better game plan to move forward with social media. Even better, I now have a Hootsuite, Twitter, Google Plus account, FB scheduler, and a Google Analytics accounts (I already had Facebook & LinkedIn). I also set up my blog page and wrote my first few blogs as well as learned how to create Social Media posts for my blogs! If any of the terminology is confusing, sign up for Diana’s program right now. If you’ve been dabbling in social media and know it’s a critical step for your marketing plan, sign up for the “Get it Done” program.” 

Laurie Zerga, Business Coach and Consultant, Founder of Feminine Power Flow and Booming Business with Ease Program

“Diana Morgan delivers!!! I’ve taken other classes with Diana and was impressed by all the timely and useful information. She’s very generous with lots and lots of supporting materials as well. In her group coaching program she guides us to another level altogether. She literally holds your hands as you learn how to use Facebook and LinkedIn. If you’re too busy for the steep uphill learning curve and want to short-cut the learning or you're barely internet savvy, and want a simple plan that gets results, this program is the best.” 

Sally Churgel, Call To Joy

Diana Morgan puts her heart and soul into Social Media Training. She’s a strong advocate for using social media strategically and consistently to build visibility, influence, and relationships. In her on-line training and talks, she shares her expertise with confidence, transparency, patience and humor, plus she takes time to thoroughly respond to questions and make viable suggestions. 
In addition to improving my proficiency on FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN, I appreciated Diana taking me back to the basics, that is; clarifying my core message and ideal client, as well as identifying my key words and the value of using them in all my marketing platforms, plus the value of building relationships with people in my field.
Although I currently blog twice a month, Diana showed me how to place my blog in FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN and Twitter to expand my audience and followers. She generously shared social media do’s and don’ts, insider secrets and lessons learned.
Finally, Diana effectively conveyed the importance of systematizing, scheduling and re-purposing my posts as well as creating my campaign to promote my programs and events with discernment and decorum, and by all means avoid the aggressive, inappropriate, distasteful sales tactics. 
Working with Diana to significantly upgrade my knowledge, boost my confidence and use social media more effectively to attract clients and partners was a wise and worthwhile investment. I highly recommend her!
Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA, Coach, Speaker, Author

“Diana's life and work experience have really culminated in her having real-time, real life, expertise in internet marketing strategy. She under-promises and over-delivers, no kidding. Best of all, if you get overwhelmed or dazed and confused about social media she has got the systems, the organization and the know-how to get you into action.” Jill Valenti,  Founder of Highest Ground Family Counseling

“I highly recommend Diana if you want to learn about internet marketing and social media. Her knowledge is vast and based on personal experience. She knows her stuff!! And her presentation is clear and concise. I hate to admit it but sometimes it is hard for me to learn new things. Diana makes it painless.” 

Elizabeth Ward

“I’ve been working with Diana for several months in her Blog Labs and teleseminars learning how to use social media, SEO, and blogging. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and easy going given how much there is to learn. I’ve gained the confidence to move my business forward with my writing and posting. I love working with, Diana! She makes everything a lot easier in this ever-changing tech world. I highly recommend her affordable services.” 

Donna Colfer

*Learn how to find the Whole Heart Path to your clients with engaging content!
*Gain the tools and strategies to grow Your Email List to get more clients!
*Find out how to use Social Media to Grow Your Online Presence with Confidence and Ease!

Value $997  Introductory Price Until December 31st, 2017 $697 

Weekly Live Group Trainings:  See Current Dates Below
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Investment  $697 (Payment plan available)
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