Building Influence Online Through Blogging

  • By Diana Morgan
  • 13 Dec, 2013
So many people have taken to social media that blogging may at first seem a bit

So many people have taken to social media that blogging may at first seem a bit "old school." 

So many people have taken to social media that blogging may at first seem a bit "old school." However, blogging is still one of the prime online avenues we can take for consumer preferences, event updates, DIY solutions, and so much more. If you've got a blog, or are thinking of setting one up, you would naturally want to do your best and make it great, in effect making you an influential blogger for that genre (be it food, gadgets, crafts, what-have-you...) and become counted as a reliable resource person, and expert in your field.

There is definitely strength in numbers, so how influential a blog is can be seen through the number of followers it has. Building a strong following is not as easy as it sounds, but it is doable. It does get easier once you get the hang of doing the right things to grow your following.

Readers can tell when a writer or a blogger is interested in the topic. Blogs are fairly informal, so readers appreciate the conversational feel of the medium. If the writer is enthusiastic about what she is writing about, it will show and draw the reader in. If the reader enjoys a particular entry, that content would easily be shared in social networks, allowing more people to read it, which in turn may create more followers for you.

Another thing that readers appreciate is consistency in updating. It’s just like watching an interesting TV series: you can’t wait till the next episode. Blogging is similar. Updating consistently gives your readers something to look forward to.

As your followers grow, you’ll find that more and more people will be leaving comments on different posts. Building relationships with your readers by replying to those comments with sincerity, a right amount of humor, and acknowledging suggestions can go a long way. Your credibility as a blogger will not just increase, but you may also be able to develop genuine connections with your readers.

For certain, you’re not the only blogger in your field of interest. Making connections with other bloggers sharing the same interests would not only widen your perspective, but may even help you be a better writer as time goes by.

Though social media may have taken over most of the internet user’s leisure time, it would still pay to keep an updated and interesting blog to grow your online business presence.

By Diana Concoff Morgan

By Diana Morgan 04 Sep, 2017
Many people, including conscious thought leaders and change makers, shy away from Facebook because they experience it as superficial, a waste of time. True, it can be superficial, and it can be used for negative purposes.


Guess what! Facebook can also be used as a powerful force for positive change in the world!


Here are three things you can do to turn your Facebook activities into powerful actions that reflect the thought leader you are!

Your Core Message


Think about your core message. What do you want people to grasp from your social media messaging? Every time you get ready to LIKE, comment, share and post, be intentional with your words. Meet your people at their map of the world by sharing wisdom, stories and experience that they can relate to. Share inspiration and give people hope by using your social media to lead them to the possibility of transformation in their livesthe transformation that you offer.


The People You Play With


Who do you “play” with on social media? Are you engaging with people whose message is in alignment with your core message? Do you share the same values with the people whose content you are liking, commenting on and sharing? Are you following people whose followers are the people you want to reach? Are they also thought leaders? Find people to play with on Facebook who are actively using it as a tool for transformation.


What Are You Sharing?


Think about the people you want to reach. Share your inspiring and educational message so they feel like you “get” them. You want them to feel a sense of relief as they read your social media posts, that you actually understand their challenges and that help and hope are there for them to experience positive transformation.

Use social media to make a positive impact!
By Diana Morgan 27 Aug, 2017

Are you struggling with your Social Media? Technically, you know how to do it but you’re not doing it.

You get ready to post something and you put your cursor on the send button, start to click and then you suddenly find yourself clicking over to someone else’s wall to see what they’ve posted. You wonder, is what you’re posting similar, different, OK, right, wrong, going to embarrass you or someone else? Is it something you want out there on the internet forever? Wow! That’s an even bigger question! Well, no wonder you’re struggling, stuck, not doing it! Wasting time! Frustrated!

Here are 3 actions you can take on your Social Media with confidence. You will never have to hesitate or worry that you are doing something wrong or making a mistake. Inspiration

You can always post inspiring quotes and images. When you search for content, use your keywords. Keep your brand in mind. If your brand is positive and uplifting, then post content that is positive and uplifting.


Your blog is intended primarily to educate, inspire and motivate your potential customers. It’s not about promotion though you can share your upcoming workshops and events.  When you share your blog on Social Media, just share a couple of engaging sentences and a link back to your blog on your website. Although Facebook’s new algorithm doesn’t want you leading people off of Facebook, I still recommend that with your blogs you put the link back to your site. Then you can keep people on Facebook with your quotes, images and videos

Like, Comment, Share and CARE

When in doubt, you can always LIKE, comment, share and CARE about other peoples’ content that is relevant to your brand and marketing message!

By Diana Morgan 24 Aug, 2017

Do you ever think about the things that will never happen to you? Maybe it’s that on some level you think you will live forever. I had that belief, but I didn’t realize what it meant or how it was impacting my life. Over the course of my life, this has played into my not doing what is important to me. It has played into my caring too much about what other people think. And it has affected my playing big, being seen and serving the people I came here to serve. I recently had an epiphany, one of those life shattering, shake-it-up, get up and scream and cry and DO SOMETHING moments!!! And here I am doing something, sharing about that moment because I think it might serve you too.

3 years ago I was living a very different life. I was doing my work in the world, loving life, enjoying my amazing relationship with my awesome husband of 25 years, knowing as many of us do, that I could be doing more, like finishing my book, helping more people, and knowing I would when I had more time, finished those other things, knew more, had more confidence or whatever my “ excuse du jour ” was. That was July of 2014. In August, 2014, I went on a vacation with my husband, Dindayal, the one we finally took time off to go on. We had a good time. We were also grieving the loss of my husband’s oldest son who had passed in June of that year. So while it was a great vacation, there was also sadness and still some shock about his death. We talked a lot about it being time to really start playing bigger in our own lives. We became even more present to the fact that we don’t have forever. None of us knows when our time on this earth is done.

We came back renewed, each of us excited about our life, purpose and mission! Suddenly in December of that year my life changed forever. My husband had a really bad cough. In January 2015 he was diagnosed with 4th stage kidney cancer, it had metastasized to his liver, lungs, bone and brain. He was given less than a year to live. He didn’t know that, only I did. We tried many avenues for healing and finally the healing was in his transition on July 25, 2015.

What a shock! I still find myself in shock sometimes. There we were, sitting in Mexico, relaxed, contemplating our lives, never in a million years imagining that life as we knew it would end 4 months later and his life would end in less than a year.   Over time, I have received so many blessings as a result of his diagnosis and passing.  I wouldn't have chosen this before it happened but I choose it now and in choosing it now, I get to live my next life!!!  The most profound gift I received is that I no longer get to think “it” will never happen to me, everything bad and good.   I know I don’t have forever. I’m here to share my story and to serve others. That’s what it’s always been about for me. I have a purpose, I'm on a mission and it's time to play an even bigger game! I So get ready world, here comes my bigger game!!!  

By Diana Morgan 21 Aug, 2017

When you write your blog, share your message. Answer the questions your clients ask you all the time. Answer the questions your clients should be asking to understand more about what you do. Your blog gives you the opportunity to have more time to explain what you do, how you’re different, what the experience of working with you will be like. Share information, don’t promote.

Share your message through other people’s content

Social media offers so many opportunities to share other people’s content, but it’s important that you share content that is a reflection of your brand. It’s tempting to just share funny or controversial things, but make sure it’s a reflection of your brand. If your brand is a little edgy, then by all means, share edgy. If your brand is about positivity and motivation, then those are the types of posts you can share from other people’s content in addition to your own.

Inspire your followers with your message of inspiration

I encourage you to share quotes and articles that will inspire and motivate people to take action on your expertise. Make sure whatever you share is in alignment with your values. If everything you share aligns with and reflects your values, then people will “know who you are,” know what to expect from you, know who to refer to you and know if you are the one for them.

Connect with people who reflect your message

Do some research on social media around whom you might connect with. This should be someone who has similar potential clients but offers different services. Hopefully they share content that reflects your values. You share their content, they share yours and everybody wins!

By Diana Morgan 14 Aug, 2017

Facebook is a great place to connect with people you meet in person, whether at networking or social events, or even people you just met on social media. Whenever you meet someone, ask if they would like to stay connected on social media. Send them a “friend request.” Check out their personal profile and business page to see what they are up to. See who their “friends” are. It’s a great way to get to know people, stay connected and deepen relationships.

Stay Connected to People on Facebook without   B eing Salesy

Like, Comment and Share their content.   It’s just the same as a networking event. You don’t want to meet someone, introduce yourself and immediately start promoting what you’re selling. You want to get to know one another .  

Join a few groups. Each group has its own culture. You want to get to know and understand the culture of the group before you begin participating. The first step in beginning to participate is to say hello and introduce yourself. Then get to know people in the group.

When   Do You Promote What You’re Selling?

Figure out when is a good time to promote what you’re selling. Groups often have a certain day of the week that they designate for this. If there’s someone in the Facebook group with whom you think you might have a connection, you can start a conversation and then take your conversation to email, phone or Skype.

The m ission   of Whole Heart Marketing   is to empower and educate people on how to use internet technology to share the ir message, nurture relationships,   and grow their   business   and   in doing so,   bridge the intergenera tiona l gap that has been created by technology ,   and further heal the planet.

By Diana Morgan 06 Aug, 2017
Blogging is not supposed to be tedious because it’s a rather relaxed form of writing, but some people encounter difficulties maintaining blogs.
If you’re one of them, here are a few useful tips.


Keep a Pen and Paper Handy
You never know when inspiration could strike, so always have a pen and a small notebook ready where you can write down anything interesting that crosses your mind any time, any where. This way, you can go back to that inspiration when you’re finally in front of your computer and ready to blog away.

Create a “Keywords” List
If you’re doing SEO writing for your own blog, it’s best if you create a list of keywords that you will likely use and how best to use them in the blog. This way, you can consider the effectiveness of the keywords and how to phrase them naturally and thus avoid deadlocks.


Make a Schedule
It’s always wise to set a schedule. You can do this using your computer, or you can write it down on paper if necessary. Include rest and personal time. Should emergencies arise, your set schedule will let you know how far behind you are and how much work you need to do to be on track again or if it’s time to ask for help.


Encourage Guest Posts
If you’re preoccupied with other things or feeling burnt out, guest posts are very helpful. To ensure the quality of guest posts, set clear requirements so you won’t feel bad rejecting a badly written submission.


Recycle Old Posts
If you’re busy and also do not have any guest posts, you can always rewrite an old post. Write it in a new angle, make it timely if applicable, and add those elements that you originally left out because it made the post too long for comfort. If the old post was all text, maybe you can add a photo this time. The blog post should be something you enjoyed writing to avoid feeling “forced” to rewrite it.


Don’t Think That You Are Blogging
When blogging, sometimes we get too focused on what the readers might think about our posts. Will they like it? Will they be amazed? Or will they find something wrong with it?


People will always have something to say, be it good or bad. Sometimes it helps to forget that you are blogging when you are blogging. It takes the pressure off your shoulders and lets you enjoy what you’re doing. Don’t forget, blogging is supposed to be fun.


By Diana Morgan 31 Jul, 2017

The Internet is a powerful force for positive change in the world. Here are three empowered ways to use social media:  

  1. Marketing is Life or Death —Share Your Message of Transformation on Social Media !  Does what you do save lives? If you are a healer of any kind, you save lives. Your people need you! If you are not getting your heart message out to your people, you yourself might be dying inside. I believe we have reached the time when we must really own who we are and what we came here for. To do our soul’s work and be willing to shout it from the rooftops. Share how people are transformed by the work that you do. Share stories of transformation.
  2. Our Younger Generation s Need O ur Wisdom and I nspiration —Share Hope  ​You have an opportunity on social media to share whatever you want to share. Often I hear people say they don’t know what to share or they are overwhelmed just being on Facebook. Here are some suggestions. Share your message of hope and inspiration. Share other people’s messages of hope and inspiration. When you are reading people’s posts on social media, share what touches your soul, brings a tear to your eye or joy to your heart. Think about the positive footprint you want to leave on the Internet and let yourself be heard through that filter.
  3. We Need the I nsp iration and Wisdom  of  O ur Younger Generation s Share T heir Message  I encourage you to approach social media as the powerful tool that it is. Look for things to LIKE, comment and share that reflect your vision, values and message. Look to people from the younger generations on social media who are thought leaders and visionaries and share their messages. If you look for them, you will find them!
By Diana Morgan 24 Jul, 2017

Building influence on social media involves caring about others   and   sharing your own message. Theodore Roosevelt said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” We all want to feel seen and heard. Here are the three C’s of growing your online presence to build influence that will bring you referrals and clients ongoing.


First, think about content, yours and other people’s. You will build influence if your online presence authentically reflects you and your core message, in other words your mission. For example, my mission is   to empower and educate people on how to use   I nternet technology to share their message, nurture relationships, grow their business and bridge the inter-generational gap that has been created by technology and by do ing so, further heal the planet.   What is your mission, your core message? When you share your content and when you LIKE, comment and share other people’s messages, share content that is aligned with your core message.


Social media is a 24/7 networking event. Just like any networking group, if you want to build influence with your online community, show up consistently with your brand and your message so people can grow to know, like and trust you. Consistency also includes a healthy balance of visibility and engagement. Share your content   and   engage with others.


Social media provides unlimited opportunities to connect and build relationships that turn into referrals and clients. Connect with people on a personal level by going beyond “LIKE” to really engage in a conversation. Here is my Social Media Success Formula for Maximum Influence:

  • Authentically engage with your online community (50%)
  • Share your education, information, inspiration (40%)
  • Promote your own products and services (10%)

Build your influence with these three C’s.   The more influence you have, the less you need to promote !

By Diana Morgan 17 Jul, 2017

Cultivating community through your social media begins with building your own online presence. Let’s start with Facebook. To begin, you will want your online presence to reflect a clear, focused message so people can get to know you on both your personal and business pages. Everything you LIKE, share or comment on in some way reflects your message. As you share content that expresses your brand, people who have an interest in what you are up to will gravitate toward you, and your following will begin to grow.

Start Your O wn Community

Now that you have an online presence and a following, you can start to cultivate community by creating a Facebook Group. Facebook Groups offer a powerful way to connect in community. There are groups forming all the time on just about any topic you can think of. When you set up your group, use your name and the topic in the title so people can find you by searching either category. Then invite your friends and other people you think might be interested in your group. The key to a successful group is to encourage members to participate and connect, and to offer great information.

Join a Couple of Facebook Groups

Now that you have an online presence where people can get to know you, and a Facebook Group for people to join you in community, you can go find people who you would like to invite to be in your community. I recommend joining a couple of groups to start with. It takes time to find a great group that has active participation, good conversation and sharing of quality content. Once you join, get to know the members and actively participate, when and if appropriate, you can invite them to check out your group

By Diana Morgan 13 Jul, 2017

I blog because it’s a way to reach my people, my tribe, with my heart. I admit that a lot of my posts don’t appear to be from my heart because I often blog about technical aspects of blogging, Social Media, SEO and Internet Marketing too. Whenever a client asks me a question about how to do something related to what I teach, I write a blog post. I figure, if one person is asking, there are 10 or 100 who also want to know the answer! But it’s still from my heart. I am really passionate about teaching internet marketing strategies and that’s from my heart!

What Will I Talk About?

Last night I attended a networking event and I started chatting with  a woman entrepreneur about blogging. She said she had no idea what to blog about. Have you had that thought? She is like so many people who are stopped in their tracks before they even start by that thought, “What will I talk about?” There are other versions of that thought too, like “I’m not a writer”, “who will want to read what I’ve written” and on and on!

She is the owner of a consignment store where they have so many different types of cool  unique, even amazing items. I shared with her about another client I had worked with who was selling designer ties on Ebay. Her tie sales were going pretty well,  so I recommended that she start writing a blog post about some of the designer ties. Every time she wrote a post about a tie, that tie would sell and her overall sales would increase. Even if the tie she wrote about had been sold, it brought people to the site and they purchased other ties!

Blog About your Products

I suggested to the owner of the consignment shop that she start blogging about some of the items in the store; telling the stories of the items, describing them, talking about the store through the inventory. I recommended that she choose items from her main categories of items in the store. That way, even if the item she blogged about was sold, there would still be other items in that category for people to purchase. I told her that if she got any “brand name” new or newer items, she could blog about those as well. I reminded her to be sure and tag the items with keywords.

You Are a Writer!

It was really amazing for me to see the light bulb go on for her when I shared about the ties and how she could find unlimited ideas to blog about from her own inventory. She realized that she actually does have something to write about and now she can launch her blog and feel excited about it.

I have often observed that, when it comes to blogging, the “I’m not a writer” is really more about not knowing what to write about.

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